Wendy Williams Receives Apology From Howard Stern For Calling Her A “Jealous B*tch”


Wendy Williams Receives Apology From Howard Stern For Calling Her A “Jealous B*tch”

Wendy Williams has reportedly taken up Stern’s harsh statements about his friend by the radio shock jock Howard Stern and speech host. Things went south after Williams talked about Stern during his show, praising him for releasing his book before saying that “Hollywood is so right now.”

“All you say is so predictable since you’ve been to Hollywood,” she said before. “Every story is about,’I just like you… and then we were going to your yacht'” It’s a Hollywood Insider who now sucks, because you’re like me when you started to be a people. But sometimes, you were sitting behind the mic for too long, and now you are the people. It hurts.

“Yo’re nobody to me,” says Stern. “You’re no one to me. “Wendy, you’re never going to be me. You will never be me. You will never be me. You could pretend you were me, you could pretend that you were like me, but you weren’t. You haven’t my wit, you haven’t got my talent, and that career you couldn’t get. What proof have you that I am Hollywood, darling? You’re a fly…”He said.” He said. He added, “Broad has no original thought on the head of her goddamn,” he said. “It is busy being Howard Stern,” he said. He said, “I am still treated like a squash.

Stern regretted that he was so hard at Williams in a recent cover story for The Hollywood Reporter. But as[ I hear], I don’t see it anywhere as an offenses. If “Hollywood” means that I have evolved in some way and the show has changed, then yes, she’s hit the nail on her face, “he said.” It was his rant-centered Williams pulled from reruns as well.” “I thought that was my best. “I thought she said I was a sh*t and I was chuckled.

Williams recognizes that she always admires Stern on her show and appreciates the fact that he has taken the words off the airwaves for good. “Howard, you know what, you would still be one of the most influential people in shaping my career if you never excused me in your life,” she said. She added, “You never will hear[ rant] repeating. I love him.” “Your, Oprah, that’s it.”