Watch YG “In The Dark” Video


The new brand new album 4REAL 4REAL, which YG has teased for some time, was released this Friday. The tape was meant to be a surprise album to be published at the end of April, but YG has delayed the release with due respect since the unfortunate passage of Nipsey Hussle.

Now that it is all, it makes sense, in his third track In The Dark, to drop a music video, and YG has an image. YG sees YG plunge into an underground world of satanic elements that seems a glorified hell with Mustard’s song. YG is ultimately trying to fight the Divine against him who is in the dark. It even ends with a blood-packed dance session that is pretty wild.

“I apologize for my wack ass promotions for the release of my record, since they have taken my brother I haven’t been in the mood, but ‘ The Marathon Control ‘ — 4REAL 4REAL! WESTSIDE, ‘ wrote YG on Twitter.