Watch OMB Peezy Feat. T.I. “I’m Straight” Video


In recent years OMB Peezy has gained a lot of momentum in rap. The Mobile, AL rapper launched its Preacher Of The Street project earlier this year, which includes features from the most important artists in the game. One of the most important characteristics he has is T.I. “I’m Straight” who appears on the track. Now the official visuals link up.

A clip of his Interview with VladTV in 2017 opens OMB Peezys new video, in which he talks about hate artists coming to your own city. The video cuts to Tip and OMB Peezy is bombarded in a scrum by their verses.

My point of view was explained to people by my song when it came to the material thing that you make you who you are. “I’m Straight.”