Watch Lil Skies “Breathe” Video


Lil Skies has become a talented upcoming rapper in the game with the release of his new project, Shelby. He is considered to be “the next” and he wants people to notice where he is now. With every new song on Shelby he droped one of the most harmless projects of the year, bringing the same listenable vibrations to the table. For many “Breathe” is a favorite and a video to keep the train moving is now released.

Breathe” is the newest Lil Skies video directed by Nicholas Jandora. There is a good editing and a clear theme in the clip. Skys turned his life into a better partner for his girl, and this track serves as a love song. He wants his girl to wake up right next to him, and if she doesn’t, her whole world will collapse. He levits his sleep at the start, slams down hard and drips out literally and metaphorically before he wakes up in a complete bath. Portions of the video are shot underwater, and other scenes have rain drops into the bedroom of the couple.