Watch KTOE “Alter Ego” Feat. Yung Tory Video


Watch KTOEAlter Ego” Feat. Yung Tory Video

KTOE is one of the increasingly artistic producers and rappers in Toronto. He’s heard on numerous records his tag “KTOE On The Beat,” but in the past few years has made his name his name as rapper.

The unique sound of the Jazz Cartier project, “Sex Machina,” “VVS” and “Right Now,” was a landmark in Jazz Cartier’s latest project, which he received a lot of attention later. Jazz returned his favorite hopping on “Touring” of Ktoe. The multi-talented Toronto artist has been successfully presented this week with his latest track “Alter Ego,” which connects KTOE to Yung Tory for his latest single “Alter Ego.”

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