Watch India.Arie “Steady Love” Video


Singer India. Arie from Neo-Soul is back with another tender, harmonious Worthy love song. The R&B singer offres a music video which shows the possible stages of relationship as a couple cook, spends time with each other, fight to be pregnant, fight and disintegrate just to make up, and finally gets involved with. She released her record at the start of the year, the day after Valentine’s Day, and now gives her the visual for her single “Steady Love.”

No other rapper and producer of “Get Like Me” David Banner is to play the romantic role of India. Arie’s leading man. The artists play the loving portions of two people like India. Arie sings about all the reasons her husband loves. She caught up with Billboard earlier this year to talk of the differences between the singer she was years earlier and her present artist.

“I’m not my hair’s India was looking for empowerment and freeness,” she said. “The India of today has gotten freedom and empowerment; perhaps the right word is won. I also have earned respect from myself. I like who I am, even in the hardest.” She knows she’s had it inside but many things blocked it.