Watch French Montana Feat. Blueface – Lil Tjay “Slide” Video


Watch French Montana Feat. BluefaceLil TjaySlide” Video

The video walks off using exactly the exact same amount of adherence to motif, with a hidden man letting the purple fumes dissipate out of the tommygun.  Even the “Slide” video is very interesting, the single I’d shift, personally-speaking is to bring another place location – but that is French Montana for you personally.

Slide” was emitting all kinds-a color-coded frequencies. French Montana and guests Lil T-Jay and Blueface came like an employee’s marriage to generate a song so reluctantly, it beckons into the last – i.e”Dre Day.”

From the newly released “Slide” musicvideo, Blueface brings the mop out at L.A. Confidential-era south-central. All 3 men are all outfitted in oversize mobster outfits similar to jim-carrey’s The Mask.

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