Watch DJ Khaled Feat. Cardi B & 21 Savage “Wish Wish” Video


The most recent addition to his discography was presented by DJ Khaled on Friday. Father Of Asahd had officially dropped for more than a year and this time around, the overall scheme of the mega-producers was quite different. Khaled chose to leave fans waiting for May 17, instead of loading us with three or four singles in the weeks leading up to the release. A long list of employees and features were one thing we expected, and, as always, Khaled came through. The Khaled family was able to build on the previous “Bartier Cardi” with their son Asahd on board as executive producer, Nab 21 Savage and Cardi B for “Wish Wish

With Cardi confirmed for the record weeks ago, she has been tinged with her fanbase from the outset, examining her latest verse and becoming insane in social media. Now, a new video for the song has been unveiled, showing Bardi before a burning motorbike set. 21 Savage and DJ Khaled stand in a warehouse on pallets and play one of the bars of the artist in Atlanta.