Video: Nas Feat. Kanye West – Cops Shot The Kid


Video: Nas Feat. Kanye WestCops Shot The Kid

Nas has come through with some new visuals for the single. The emotional center pursues a very recognizable circumstance, in which a youthful dark man is focused by racial profiling and police severity. The disappointing situation is compared with reflective shots of Nas strolling a shoreline at dusk, theoretically basic yet viable. Shockingly, Ye neglects to show up, however likely for a valid justification. Fortunately, Slick Rick came through for that much-refreshing appearance. Peep the single now, and sound off.

Nasir Jones has been a power in the diversion for a moment, ceaselessly demonstrating his value as a standout amongst the most esteemed lyricists. In spite of the fact that his mid year drop of Nasir neglected to move the majority like his past work, it remained an agreeable tune in through and through, if somewhat hurried. In any case, the second track “Cops Shot The Kid” filled in as a quick feature, to a great extent to some degree to the irresistible generation from Kanye West; right when the Slick Rick test is nearly becoming tedious, a frightful, plunging string area adds a dreary layer to the blend.

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