Tory Lanez Voices His Preference For “Regular” Girls Over “Famous” Girls


Tory Lanez Voices His Preference For “Regular” Girls Over “Famous” Girls

Let Tory Lanez say, well-known women are overrated. Specifically the famous one a vis-a-vis “consistent girls,” the singer and rapper opened up in a kind of new social media. In his Instagram stories, he spoke to the differences and explained why he was going to bring a lesser-known woman in a more personal way. He begins.”Don’t be there around every n-gga that fucks her’ Bro.’ Don’t have to shake her ass on the gram for any like. Don’t be worried every n-gga rap in your dm.” “Difference is a girl’s usual….

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#ToryLanez explains the difference between his preference of a “regular” girl vs. a “famous” girl 👀👀

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From his description, Tory probably found himself both famous in real life and only by the standard of the Internet as one and the same. Of course, there is a distinction between real famous people and attractive influencers of Instagram. Our bet is that Lanez’s slacking the latter is tired. However, if you were worried about flying under a radar from Tory Lanez, after all, his antennas are for the ordinary people. “As I said,” concludes the Canadian star. “Anyday’s going to take a normal girl.”