Snoop Dogg explains why in Hollywood Walk of Fame he thanked himself


Snoop Dogg is a talented man. In the last few months he has become a “hollywood Walk Of Fame” leader and is also an actor, a chef, a television personality. Obviously Snoop won his star in the Walk of Fame and he did not diminish his efforts from anyone else. “This is more than wrong, I want to thank me. I’d like to thank me all the time for being me. You a bad motherf*cker, Snoop Dogg, “he told his talk.

“I really hadn’t had the time to come up with anything, because I felt like I wanted to talk to the people who played a role in my life there,” he said. “And then, I wanted to talk to myself because I felt I was the one who most done the work, and I was the one who had to take it and make it happen. So I wanted to give myself some credit because we can’t get a punch on our back a lot of times and I want to take the time to thank myself for doing all the work I’ve done to make this point.”

Recently, Ellen had Snoop Dogg on the show to explain his admission speech. He explained that he hadn’t prepared a speech but he wanted to ensure he recognized the sacrifices he made to take his place. After Ellen asked him if ever he thanked himself, Snoop answered, “Never. I thanked myself for the first time ever, I thank everybody.”