Runway Richy – Unapologetic Feat. 03 Greedo


Runway RichyUnapologetic Feat. 03 Greedo

The truth is, Runway Richy just as crafty and industrious as his co-conspirator on “Unapologetic.” There’s a special line of conduct in the streets to displaying those romantic oats, out in the public, there are certain measures you’re supposed to take – and very few artists tow that line respectably.

Aside from Max B, who New York toughies probably regard as the “King of R&B,” 03 Greedo is probably next in line when it comes “sangin’ in the streets.” All that and more is displayed on Runway Richy’s “Unapologetic” featuring 03 Greedo. Feel free to hit us with your thoughts in the comment section below this write-up.

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