Rapper Sosamann Arrested On Charges Of Human Trafficking


Houston rapper Sosamann is an upward rap star. Wiz Khalifa signed him to Taylor Gang back in 2016, with artists such as Wiz, NBA Young Boy, Gunna, Sauce Walka, HoodRich Pablon Juan since then. Sosamann has also worked for him.

TMZ reported that Sosamann was recently arrested on charges of trafficking in human beings while working on spaces created in the rap game. Sosamann was allegedly not the only person arrested; a group of people were being busted for human traffickers. On May 11, he was booked, but released his $100,000 bond on the following day. The next day of his court is in June.

Investigators talked to the publication about the prostitution sting that took place in Los Angeles earlier this month. Two young women were detained and during the interrogation, the officials told them that they had been detained against their will. They say that they are persuaded by Sosamann to travel through California and promise to live their “Dream Hollywood,” but they continued to say that the story was not as it seemed at the time of their coming. The women said that they had to turn tricks and were not permitted to leave or leave home.