New Video: Maino – Jermaine (The Intro) 


New Video: MainoJermaine (The Intro) 

Hip-Hop veteran Maino has recently dropped a video for his explosive track, “Jermaine (The Intro).”

Maino, real name Jermaine Coleman, discussed a myriad of topics in the song, mainly speaking on his come up, social media and the state of the industry, implying that it has become more and more common for his peers to portray themselves inauthentically or spend absurd amounts of time criticizing him.

In a clip posted to his Instagram ahead of this video’s release, the rapper said, “I can’t hear these n*****, I can’t hear what these n***** are talking about. The n***** that be doing the most talking, the n***** that  doing the most judging, the n***** that be commenting the most… they doing worse than you but they doing all the talking.”

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