Luke Walton Sued For Sexually Assaulting Woman In Hotel Room


Luke Walton Sued For Sexually Assaulting Woman In Hotel Room

The Los Angeles Lakers shake-up isn’t the only controversial coach involving Luke Walton. He has recently moved to the Sacramento Kings and not even dried the ink on his contract before he was smacked with a lawsuit. A woman named Kelli Tennant claims, according to TMZ, that while Walton was a Golden State Warrior assistant coach, he forced himself on her while the two were in his hotel room.

Legal documents state that Tennant says Walton has asked her to meet him in her hotel room in Santa Monica so she can drop a book she has published. The two reportedly had a business relationship and knew each other for years, so she asked him to write her book’s foreword. However, Tennant claims that Walton asked her to come up to his room so they could speak when she arrived at the hotel. She says she pinned her down on the bed while there and placed “his hips and legs over her body.”

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She also states that as she screamed for him to stop, Walton forcibly kissed her on her neck, face and chest. She was trying to flee, but he allegedly held her down, groped her private spaces, and rubbed her with his erection. He eventually let her stand up, but he reportedly grabbed her from behind and rubbed himself on her when she tried to make her way to the door. Tennant claims as she left that he told her, “Good to see you.”

She says she didn’t report the incident at first because of her job, and he would give her a big hug and a kiss when she ran into him. She says she made it clear that she was uncomfortable with his advances. Then, she claims that Walton made “vulgar, guttural sounds at her” in 2017 while coaching the Lakers and said, “mmmm… you’re killing me in that dress.” The Kings issued this statement about Walton’s recent lawsuit: “We’re aware of the report and collecting additional information. We’ve got no further comment at this time.”