Listen to Trav new track – Called It Feat. Nav


The Trav and Nav rappers visited Canada and the U.S. three days ago to take part in a 24 day show. The couple performed at Fillmore in San Francisco on Friday evening and decided to drop their common “Called It” single to celebrate their tour. Interesting is their collaboration, as Trav’s New York Cadence and The Chill, the relaxed atmosphere of this lourd autotune is mixed together.

Calling it and the music video accompanying it, a noir-like image that is all over pink, purple, and blue, have been released by Trav and Nav. The setting is in an urban area, most probably a warehouse, and two men return to the “Called It” with the addition of a video that sometimes appears on the camera.

Years ago the former G Unit rapper Trav published headlines for his 50 Cent heated beef, which was allegedly nearly blowing during the show in Atlanta. Fortunately, Meek Mill was on stage to ensure that things didn’t escalate when the minor scuffle broke down.