Listen to Mr Hudson new track – Chicago Feat. Vic Mensa


On numerous occasions, Mr. Hudson and Vic Mensa collaborated and established a strong relationship. In 2017, Mr. Hudson recruited Vic Mensa for the single “Coldplay,” although he has worked for Vic’s projects on many occasions. Mr. Hudson blessed his fans with the single “ANTIDOTE” earlier this year, and now he had a meeting of the Windy City with Vic Mensa.

Premiering on Billboard today, the two artists came to visit the Chicago home town of Vic Menschena with a dark electronic single. Vic performs emotionally on the track, making Chicago a woman that he had to leave in the town.

“I knew that I wanted to sound like Chicago once I had this song,” Hudson said. Hudson said. “The drums had been so important, and I called him Vic when I got the track right with Johan. We’re always fit because he isn’t afraid of wearing his heart on the sleeve of his motorcycle jacket. I went to his atelier which looks like a punk music venue, and he cut his verse into two packs.