Listen to DJ Khaled new track – You Stay Feat. Meek Mill – J Balvin – Lil Baby & Jeremih


Listen to DJ Khaled new track – You Stay Feat. Meek MillJ BalvinLil Baby & Jeremih

How does DJ Khaled keep the cup out? These endless cures from Khaled do not always traduce as good as the Jordanian sneaker does once he leaves the page. But all this insanity has a reason. Money just doesn’t unambiguously change hands. The DJ / personality of Miami is as confusing as it is in the modern world. Like an uncompromising Madden player–Khaled leads a life style that is totally pessimistic.

The cross-cultural experiments of “You Stay” featuring Lil Baby, Meek Mill, Jeremih, and J Balvin are all logically unreasonable. This smorgasbord reads in theory like a competition for popularity, and nothing more. However, Khaled is basically working on the individual characteristics of his guest on this occasion. Meek Mill has a striking intro verse, while Jeremih is counted as the all-rounder of the song.

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