Listen to Beast Coast new track – Snow In The Stadium


Beast Coast Escape From New York arrives in a couple of days, but the stacked group has decided to send fans to another new single. The beast coast has been in its most melodic mood following the blistering tandem “Left Hand” and “Coast / Klar.” The spirit of Reggae is captured in cadence and energy at “Snow In The Stadium,” produced by none but Erick Arc Elliott. “Snow In The Stadium” can be a challenge for those unfamiliar with the soulful vibration of reggae with contributions by Joey Badass, Issa Gold, Kirk Knight, CJ Fly and the adventurous Meechy Darko.

However, “Snow” marks a remarkable effort by the more diverse New York Squadron to those who are prepared to take the plunge. The vast differences between each are certainly worth considering, it is almost like a New York escape being a planned experiment in which there is no shortage of stylistic risks and skill in handling them. What do you think about that? Keep an eye on this new Beast Coast joint, which will be on Friday, 24 May.