Listen to A$AP Rocky new track Feat. BURNS & Sabrina Claudio – Energy


Listen to A$AP Rocky new track Feat. BURNS & Sabrina ClaudioEnergy


Today, English manufacturer BURNS has once again turned its attention to hip-hop, inviting A$ AP Rocky to lead his new Single’ Energy.’ Rocky reveals a further element in his stylistic toolkit with Sabrina Claudio standing alongside him, one that sets bars for a more melodic approach. It marks Claudio’s return to the neighboring hip-hop world since heat was caught in the past year around old, racially disrespectful tweets. BURNS looked like an ideal soundtrack for the summer with its uptempo saxophone-driven dance beat; the instrumental soundtrack is so important as the vocalists, taking in a vast array of frequencies.

The single for Rocky, who continues to explore different stylistic paths, is an interesting choice, a pattern that flourished to divide test results. Fans are likely to remain asking for their decision, as many have wanted to go back to “Mixtape Rocky,” perhaps looking for a non-existent ideal. Maybe it is wise to just let go, and trust the New York icon in its future efforts.

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