Erykah Badu Confesses Her Love For Wiz Khalifa


Erykah Badu Confesses Her Love For Wiz Khalifa

It Since  like Wiz Khalifa and Erykah Badu have a  close relationship.

The two jumped on Instagram Live to chit-chat and discuss a new collab.

Wiz had quite a few compliments for Erykah once the Livestream started.

Wiz: Your skin looks amazing.

Erykah: Thank you.

Wiz goes on to tell Erykah that he is in the Dominican Republic and that he’s about to get stoned and get something to eat before he hits the gym.

Wiz: How long you been boxing for?

Erykah: Four or five years maybe.

Wiz: I see you got the heavy bag in the booth.

Erykah: Yea man, you too. It’s good for us.

The two go on to discuss a potential collab and Wiz says he has some new shit to send Erykah.

Wiz: I’m working on some new and I need to come to see you this year.

Erykah: You got to.

Wiz: The one we did was cool, but that was just simple, I want the real one.

Erykah: Ok, I’m with it. Let me hear what you got and well see if it’s in my lane.

Wiz: I’ll text you some stuff and if it ain’t, I’m gonna keep working.

The two end their live stream with Erykah telling Wiz she loves him and Wiz replying the same.

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