Editorials: Top 5 Music Videos For February 2019


Editorials: Top 5 Music Videos For February 2019

Top 5 Music Videos For February

It seems like the year began yesterday and yet we’re already at the tail end of “month of love”. It’s been far from love-filled, with beefs, boycotts and breakups theming the shortest month of the year, but here I am to brighten up your day; with my top picks of video releases in February. Here are Top 5 Music Videos For February 2019, in no particular order:

1. Travis Scott – Can’t Say (Dir. by Nathalie Canguilhem)

After a great year last year, and to top the video of his hit song Sicko Mode (or at least try to), Travis Scott releases the video of ‘Can’t Say’, with an appearance from the featured Don Toliver. It’s a very well-directed video with Nathalie Canguilhem joining forces with brand Saint Laurent, which produced and styled the piece of art.
It’s very reminiscent of the movie ‘Tron Legacy’ (if you could somehow insert the movie into a dream) with a subtle, dark tone and the blue neon lighting to match. But this video is different.

It is as ethereal as a child’s dream but with pseudo-religious diagrams and other unexplainable flashes, half the time begging the question ‘How did we get here again?’. But with great directing, great styling and CGI effects to match, this is a video worth watching to the end, which I plan to do again and again. Now it’s time to debate whether Travis Scott can really stunt like that on a bike! Enjoy:

2. Meek Mill, Drake – Going Bad (Dir. by KidArt)

Finally quelling the flames they ignited what seems like a century ago, these two rappers appear to be buds in this video, united a common unknown enemy. This is a fun video to watch, with appearances from heavyweights like T.I., SwizzBeats and the likes. They all appear to be part of a gangster mob of some sort, though it’s never revealed what their product is in the video.

The video, in my opinion, basically attempts to highlight the ‘blooming business relationship’ between Meek Mill and Drake, while sharply contrasting it with them going head-to-head, as is shown when they both each drive their cars at full speed into the other’s! Very reminiscent of the game of chicken and it seems to signify how neither of them gave up when their supposed beef was going on. Overall great graphics, fun to watch (did I say that already?), good video. Check it out:

3. A$AP Rocky – Kids Turned Out Fine (Dir. by Dexter Navy)

Yet another video from A$AP’s ‘Testing’ project. This video showcases director Dexter Navy’s skills just as much as it showcases A$AP’s frame of mind when recording this song. It’s full of still images and sharp transitions, contrasting many very different themes and many very different people all in the midst of many very different activities. The video is just as ‘weird’ as the song and may feel like too much if you’re not ready for it. The only recurring themes seem to be drugs and A$AP Rocky in a yellow shawl! (look out for this)
Altogether great editing, they all seemed to be having fun shooting this. The end also seems to pay a shout out to the movie “The Day The Earth Stood Still” and Kendrick Lamar’s “DNA” video, but takes it in a whole other direction. Definitely PG-13. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.. Enjoy!

4. Ariana Grande – Break Up With Your Boyfriend, I’m Bored (Dir. by Hannah Lux Davis)

Coming off her second album in less than a year, Ariana Grande vies for the coveted post of “Miss Steal Your Man” in this video with a self-explanatory title. It’s an eye-catching video with the feel of a movie, basically showing Ariana trying to steal a man off another girl. Just that her antics seem half-hearted because, as she says, she’s bored.
The storyline, though it seems easy to tell, is well put together and we can relate with every scene in the video. That is, every scene except the one where she shapeshifts into the girlfriend of the guy she is seducing (the girlfriend looks surprisingly like her, by the way). I guess jealousy + boredom = superpowers! Enjoy:

5. Offset – Red Room (Dir. by Aisultan Seitov)

Offset presents the first release on from his “Father of 4” album which was also released in February, in this very somber video, which matches the theme of the song to the core. The seamlessly edited video keeps you tuned as it covers a lot of topics, from Offset’s near fatal car crash to his upbringing and his life on the streets of Georgia. The recurring theme of police brutality is also covered in this video, with a band of black men advancing against police officers in the end of the video. This is one you must watch, and take what you can from it, because there is a lot to take in. Enjoy!

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