Charlamagne The God Gifts Lauren London A Nipsey Hussle Tribute Pendant


Charlamagne The God Gifts Lauren London A Nipsey Hussle Tribute Pendant

Charlamagne Tha God has given Hussle’s longstanding girlfriend, Lauren London, a golden pendant of his face to honor a late rapper, entrepreneur, and legend of Nipsey Hussle’s life. It is made by Greg Yuna, a.k.a Mr. Flawless, a Jeweler expert who designed pieces for famous faces such as Drake, Victor Cruz and most recently Joey Bada$$. Although Yuna can only recall one face-to-face meeting with Nipsey Hussle, he says that he has “very great respect” for the rapper, reminding him of him as a “fantastic artist,” whose musical legacy will forever prosper. “You can even say that it was a wonderful impression from one interaction,” said the designer.

“I wanted to produce a tribute piece irrespective of being approached, but it was even more satisfactory to make one with this aim,” explains Yuna as his motivations behind the piece. He offers the piece a step-by-step creative process, too: “I had to look for the best photo of the work that I thought would be most appropriate and iconic,” he said, “then we make a cad and spend tedious endless hours on a computer trying to get as much detail as possible so that we are able to print it on the cutting-edge 3D press. We finally throw it into the tattoos in golden and laser and finish with the full hand selected diamond in his ear.

“Paisley was a symbolic representation of his roots and a great deal of what he had represented,” added Yuna, transmitting the message that his work was intended for sharing. “The name is what God will rise,” he concluded, “and I believe that it’s all said.”

In the following Yuna Instagram you can check a video of the piece created and the final result.