Brave Football Coach Tackles Armed Student At Portland High School


Brave Football Coach Tackles Armed Student At Portland High School

There was a shot at a possible school before anyone could be damaged, after a courageous athletics coach had taken things into his own hands. The incident occurred on Friday (May 17) at Parkrose High School in Portland, Oregon, according to the Oregonian. An 18-year-old man reportedly went into a classroom with a weapon. Before everyone got hurt, Keanon Lowe, a football and track trainer at the school, approached the student.

“These were all OK, I’m just happy,” Lowe said after the episode was almost deadly. Lowe is a school athletic coach now, and is a security guard. “I am pleased I was able to be there for the kids and the community. He was also an outstanding recipient of the University of Oregon and former analyst for the 49ers in San Francisco and the Eagles in Philadelphia.

“The worst fears in the hearts of students and parents are incidents such as the one occurring today,” Police CEO Danielle Outlaw said in a statement. I commend the school staff members who have shown swift action and bravery while confronting the topic. “The officers and the staff of the school have collaborated to ensure the safety of all involved.”

It is reported that the armed student entered a government class ten minutes before it ended. The suspect did not point the weapon to anybody or fire a shot by the witnesses. He was taken to the Detention Center of Multnomah County, was charged with firearm ownership in an official building, with attempts to unload a firearm in a school, with the threat of extinction, and with possession of a loaded gun in public places.