Blockhead – Kiss The Cook Feat. Aesop Rock


BlockheadKiss The Cook Feat. Aesop Rock

Aesop Rock has since quite a while ago hardened himself to be one of the amusement’s most forefront and intriguing lyricists, however his bars regularly advantage from a nearby perusing or two. All things considered, the man to a great extent bargains in theory, leaving fans to join importance as they see fit; the nearest we’ve come to hip-bounce dream translation. Today, Rock has by and by rejoined the New York iconBlockhead, who is preparing his very own Free Sweatpants collection. You may recollect that Rock and Block recently connected up for the acclaimed “None Shall Pass” in 2007, which many still envoy as Aesop’s best task.

Blockhead opened up about their new cooperation “Kiss The Cook.” “It had been a while since Aes and I took a shot at a unique tune, however once we began, the pieces simply became all-good,” he clarifies. “Blending it was fascinating in light of the fact that initially the generation had a harsher edge, however I moved to something progressively melodic and energetic.”

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