“Batman: Hush” Trailer Debuts From DC Universe


Batman: Hush” Trailer Debuts From DC Universe

This year, the DC Universe welcomed a few gems and at the end of 2018 presented us with Aquaman. One of the favorite heroes of Batman in his comic book story, he will take his next appearance in an amino cop which has just released the trailer. We have had many great plots about Joker, Bane and many more in Batman over the years. We’ve seen Batman going up against Superman in previous movies. What if everyone is facing Hush’s favorite hero? As Hush always appears to be a step ahead of Batman, this could be for him an impossible trip.

The DC Universe asks us to consider another opportunity in Batman’s unending schedule in the upcoming film Batman: Hush. This time he met one of his competitors, Hush, who tried for good to end him. In the brand new trailer are his crazy laugh and destructive character. The movie will also dive into the romantic life of Bruce Wayne with Catwoman. Batman: This summer Hush will be released. Take a look at the trailer below and tell us whether you are going to watch it.