Accusations of assault, Dennis Rodman Denies says “It did not happen”


On two occasions TMZ caught up with the former NBA star after Dennis Rodman had been accused of robbing Newport Beach, California yoga studio, to reflect on the situation. He told the publication that he had nothing to do with theft and that during the alleged incident that caught surveillance footage, nothing happened. Once again, TMZ was able to chat with Rodman on the grounds that he recently slapped a bar boss. This time he’s singing the same innocence song because he says that he didn’t hit anybody.

He was found in Orange County, California, and a paparazzo asked him to share what was supposed to have happened. On May 17, Rodman turned to him and gave him a slap in the face, with no provocation, at the Buddha Sky bar in Florida by the name of Jeff Soulouque. Soulouque claimed that the pain was so intense that he was subsequently admitted to a hospital where a left corneal abrasion was diagnosed.

Rodman said that as he interrupted the paparazzo question, “I won’t talk about that.” The cameramann repeated, “It didn’t happen,” and Rodman shook his head. “It was like… whatever happened… happened, but it didn’t.” “No, it didn’t, but I just want that fight over and over.” He added, “I haven’t hit anyone in the world.

When asked whether he had a message for his accuser he didn’t say it, because “his lawyers take care of that.” Rodman said “everything’s cool,” and he drank plenty of Gato and water, as far as rumors about him breaking his sobriety. Although Rodman is still listed as a suspect in the ongoing investigation, his lawyer said Rodman had been sober throughout the night and had not hit anyone.