50 Cent Pulled An Uzi On Suge Knight


50 Cent Pulled An Uzi On Suge Knight

Russell Simmons was there when 50 Cent pulled an Uzi on Suge Knight. He told the story at what looked like some kind of Yoga retreat.

“They’re filming a video and Suge Knight is sitting with a gun in his lap and there’s four other guys and they’re all like really menacing and they’re going to extort the video,” Simmons explained. “And 50 Cent sees them. He starts laughing. He runs to his trailer and gets this Uzi. He runs out and chases them. They get in the car and drive off. And he’s laughing and shit. ‘These niggas aren’t going to be near here again.”

Simmons went on to say Fif’s previous near-death experience– getting shot nine times — helped make him “enlightened” and fearless.

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